A growing number of businesses are putting systems in place to on-board customers online. But one part of the process that is often still performed manually is identity verification. A great customer on-boarding experience is one that is simple to implement, easy to use and operates in real-time. It should support your internal compliance obligations and provide a streamlined, instant method of electronic customer identity verification.

Identity Onboard is a web portal that verifies an individual’s identity via multiple, independent data sources. It can be integrated into your customer on-boarding process and can support your specific, individual business requirements.

An easy-to-access reporting tool is included in Identity Onboard, which confirms the status of your customer verification and can support your internal and external regulatory audits (e.g. AML/CFT).

Identity Onboard is configurable to suit your business requirements; you can utilise any or all of the data sources below:

  • Identity Plus: A bureau-based form of identity verification that provides a match/no match/partial match response to each component of name, date of birth and address. Returns a confidence indicator showing the degree of match.
  • Driver Licence Verification: Provides one source of name and date of birth verification utilising the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) database.
  • LicenceCheck: Provides further details about a customer’s Driver Licence from information held in the NZTA database.
  • Passport Verification: Provides one source of name and date of birth verification utilising a passport that is verified through the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) database.
  • Citizen Verification: Provides the citizenship information of a customer utilising the DIA database.

Benefits to your business

  • Single portal access to multiple databases to streamline the electronic identity verification process.
  • Multiple reliable, independent and recognised data sources.
  • Configurable to suit your individual business requirements.
  • Includes audit reporting that can support your compliance regulations for AML.
  • Easy access to multiple databases in one portal.
  • Provides a quick summary of your customer verification across all databases so you can on-board customers in less time.

For more information, download the Identity Onboard brochure.