Business Credit Risk

As New Zealand's leading provider of credit risk services, Equifax provides you with insights into companies and the people behind them to assist you with managing and mitigating risk as well as helping you to grow your business - quickly, confidently and efficiently.

Market Overview

Equifax offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses effectively manage their business risk exposures. Our services are flexible, which enables solutions to be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Business risk solutions from Equifax are delivered through two avenues:

1) our commercial bureau for core customer verification and credit reporting solutions;
2) Corporate Scorecard for specialist risk services with particular focus on vendor risk assessments and credit ratings.    


Business Consulting

Practical solutions for effective credit management.

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Business Alerts

Business Alerts deliver timely insight you can act on quickly and decisively so that opportunities are maximised and risk is mitigated.

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Business Reports

Business Reports provide a fast, reliable and cost effective way to independently check a company’s credentials.

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Business HealthCheck

Business HealthCheck is a report that encompasses your entire portfolio, and provides information on both delinquent accounts and those that are performing well.

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Corporate Scorecard

Credit ratings and financial viability assessments are independent, forward-looking measures of an organisation’s ability to meet its commitments.

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DataLink Manager

DataLink Manager is one of the components of our flagship Decisioning Solution DecisionPoint 3, and allows you to manage your decisioning data sources using one platform.

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DecisionPoint3 is Equifax’s 3rd generation decisioning system, designed to help automate your decisioning process to enable fast and accurate decisions.

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Default Loading

Default information is loaded into our central repository, ensuring other enquirers are aware that an individual has an outstanding debt.

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Business Data Exchange

Business people are challenged daily to make decisions with limited information; decisions that can impact cash flow and profitability.

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Key Benefits

Equifax's credit risk services deliver quick decisions to protect and grow your business.

  • Know who you’re dealing with

    Get high-level assurance of the legitimacy and ongoing viability of a company or individual with whom you are planning to enter into business.

  • Get it done faster

    You get New Zealand's most comprehensive company and individual credit and industry insights accessible all in one place, using easy to interpret insights.

  • Better risk management

    Protect against fraud, avoid risky business ventures, reputational damage and unforeseen costs with better insights, quicker.

  • One place for all your insights

    Equifax offers New Zealand's largest centralised credit database, making it faster and easier to search and verify company information.

  • Satisfy compliance

    Enjoy flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your own systems and meet AML/CTF legislation and ongoing customer due diligence (OCDD).

  • Increase profits and decrease debt exposure

    You’ll know with whom to extend credit, how much, and when to refuse it to help boost your profits and lower your exposure to bad debt.

  • Reduce costs

    Intuitive online reports which can improve consistency and automated processing to allow for faster, quicker and more accurate decision making.

  • Better results

    With more business and industry information than you ever thought possible, you can boost approval rates and manage you portfolio more effectively.

  • Trusted, ongoing support

    Stay in touch with the latest insights with Alerts and Equifax credit risk specialists to support you and customise our solutions for your needs.

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