eTrace is a smart and cost-effective tool to ensure you keep in touch with your customer base by providing you with the most comprehensive source of accurate address data for credit purposes.

Key features

  • Quick validation and location of customer address(es) for active credit management

  • Contains 97.5% of the credit active population of NZ, making it the most comprehensive source of address data

  • Constantly maintained, so you can be sure data is up-to-date and accurate

  • Provides matching on a number of criteria to help you locate your customers

Benefits for you

  • Helps you maintain accurate customer contact information to reduce the costs and resources needed for debt collection 

  • Proactively manages “Gone No Address” updates to save time and costs by ensuring your mail gets to the right place

  • Cross checks names and aliases against the Equifax database to ensure you are targeting the right customers

  • Gives you assurance your invoices, statements and payment reminders are reaching your customers

Who is eTrace suitable for?

  • if you lend to customers and need to actively manage your customers location for payment and account management purposes

  • if you need to locate customers for the purpose of returning money owed to the individual