Tracking and contacting lost debtors can be a time-consuming and costly exercise. Our statistics indicate that approximately 15% of individuals will change their address each year and a significant number will fail to inform you of their new address. The good news is we can help take the pain out of the process with eTrace.  

eTrace can help you keep in touch with your customer base. Our database holds files on over 97.5% of the credit-active population in New Zealand and we receive over 10,000 addresses updates each day, making it the most comprehensive source of accurate and up-to-date address data. eTrace gives you access to the most up-to-date and relevant information about your customers.

eTrace can be integrated directly into your business processes. Locating your customers will become as simple as a click of a button and you’ll be able to refocus your efforts on debt recovery.  

By integrating eTrace into your business systems you can:

  • Focus your efforts on customer contact strategies as opposed to locating customers
  • Proactively manage “Gone No Address” updates
  • Rest assured your invoices, statements and payment reminders are reaching your customers
  • Cross check names and aliases against our database to accurately locate the right customers
  • Lower the costs associated with debt recovery