The business world is fast-paced and fluid.

Business fluctuations present a host of opportunities and risks and it is important to proactively monitor changes in the financial status of the companies you do business with.

Business Alerts is our automated monitoring service that keeps you up-to-date on selected events and payment performance changes that occur within the companies you nominate.

Business Alerts are email notifications sent twice daily, as and when business events occur, based on the alerts you set up.

The range of Business Alerts covers event types such as credit enquiries, payment risk ratings, payment defaults, director changes, receivership, insolvency and other signs of business distress and court judgements. You can select specific event types to suit your individual business needs, or select the entire set for a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Drive better business outcomes with Business Alerts

  • Improve accuracy of business records with continuously updated information
  • Improve cash flow through early risk detection
  • Improve productivity through focused effort in the areas that present the highest risk and return
  • Drive efficiencies through standardisation of work processes and reductions in manual effort
  • Maintain supply chain through the use of early warning indicators that help facilitate proactive management
  • Competitive intelligence to enable you to protect and grow your business.

Simple to set up

If you are already an Equifax subscriber, you can login and access Business Alerts straight away by entering the companies you want to monitor and the types of alerts you want to activate.

Alternatively, you can request a batch template by emailing Assist Online.

Once Business Alerts has been set up, you’ll receive email notifications up to twice daily as and when relevant events occur.

Not an Equifax subscriber?

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​Want to know more?

For more information, download the Business Alerts brochure.