New Zealand Benchmark Analytics is a reporting product where you will be able to compare yourself with your market peers in a range of metrics covering your complete customer/product lifecycle including demand, onboarding, portfolio and churn as well as your market share position, all by product/portfolio type, demographics and the time series you choose. This will enable you to make more informed business decisions. 

What are the benefits?

  • You will know your market position/ranking in a range of credit and risk metrics and how this has changed through time.
  • You can discover the credit and risk behavioural differences between your customers in terms of demographics such as age and region.
  • You will compare your new and existing customers' credit quality and behaviour to your group of competitors and/or other peers groups and how this is different depending on the time series you choose
  • You can find out if your customers have an enquiry of the same product with another financial institutions and also if they have already refinanced with it.

What kinds of questions can the product address?

  • What is the quality of customers making enquiries and how does that compare to my competitors?
  • How does my conversion rate compare against my competitors?
  • How does my Credit Score for opened accounts compare with my competitors / what quality of customers am I converting?
  • Is my portfolio defaulting more or less vs competitors?
  • Am I attracting more never payers than my competitors?
  • What is the credit quality of my portfolio and how does it compare with my competitors?
  • What percentage of my portfolio pay on time with me but are in arrears with another financial institution?
  • How does the churn rate of my portfolio compare with my competitors?
  • What credit quality am I losing amongst customers who churn?
  • What percentage of my portfolio have enquiries of the same product with other financial institutions?
  • What percentage of my portfolio have refinanced with another financial institution?

Want to know more?

For more information, contact your Equifax account manager or contact the Equifax Helpdesk.