It’s important to ensure you gain a detailed picture of your customers and their driver licence records. This is particularly pertinent for those operating within the car financing and insurance industry and there is a requirement to ensure your prospective customers have a valid driver licence with the appropriate endorsement for the vehicle in question.

A LicenceCheck provides access to the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) Driver Licence Register as a source of identity verification. It confirms that the driver licence document presented matches a valid record and that the personal details in it match the information held on Register.

A LicenceCheck report provides the following information:

  • Licence holder’s first, last and middle name(s)
  • Driver licence number
  • Driver licence status
  • Driver class and stage
  • Driver licence conditions
  • Driver qualifications
  • Driver licence issue date and expiry date

Benefits to your business

  • Gain a more detailed picture of your customers and their driver profile to minimise overall exposure to risk
  • Reduce exposure to fraud and future bad debt by verifying that driver licence details stated at the point of application are correct