Verifying your customers in real time can help streamline processes and give you piece of mind that you are taking every step to minimise the risk of fraud.

Driver Licence Verification is a cost-effective tool to instantly confirm the accuracy of the driver licence details presented by a customer. The power of our vast online services is combined with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) driver licence national database to give you a quick and easy method of validating your customers’ documents.

Using our web services or direct business to business link, you simply enter the driver’s name, date of birth, licence number and version number. Immediately, all validated fields are returned with a ‘Yes’ and any incorrect fields are flagged with a ‘No’.

For even greater verification power, select this service when conducting a Equifax Score Plus Report, to empower you with a greater level of customer information.

Benefits to your business

  • Stronger matching opportunities to confirm the customer’s licence details
  • Online access to verify the licence presented against the New Zealand driver licence database
  • A cost-effective, real-time verification solution that can help speed up your application processes
  • Operation costs can be reduced by integrating driver licence verification into onboarding processes.