If you’re a credit provider, understanding the credit risk of new and existing customers is crucial to the success of your business. To make well-informed lending decisions, you must have accurate and up to date information upon which to base those decisions. Equifax Score Plus is a solution designed to assist with everyday customer lending risk assessments.

An Equifax Score Plus report provides a score for every applicant according to how their credit information compares to other credit-active New Zealanders at that point in time. The report provides a numerical score that is based on the individual’s credit-worthiness and can assist in determining whether the applicant should be approved or not. The general rule is the higher the Equifax Score, the lower the risk.

Equifax Score Plus reports also provide detailed information on an individual’s credit history including full name (including any known aliases), date of birth, current and previous addresses, previous credit enquiries, payment defaults, court judgments and bankruptcies.

Utilise Equifax Score Plus to deliver the following benefits to your business

  • Automated, real-time credit decisioning
  • Insight into an individual's credit history including payment defaults
  • Reduced risk of exposure and bad debt write-offs
  • Reduced customer acquisition and onboarding costs
  • Increased consistency in the credit risk assessment process