Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements under the Anti-Money Laundering /Counter Financing Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations require many businesses to verify the identity of their customers. It can be tricky when working the regulations into your processes to find the balance between compliance and maintaining a good customer experience. We understand the importance of both and have developed Identity Plus to electronically verify your customers’ identity at the point of application; in real time, automated and online.

Identity Plus can assist in optimising your customer acquisition process while helping to address your KYC obligations under the AML/CFT legislation. It is an independent and reliable source of identity verification that provides a source of name, date of birth and address verification.

Benefits to your business

  • Your customer identities (new and existing) are validated using the full depth and breadth of the Equifax database (the largest credit database in New Zealand)
  • Use our market proven bureau matching software to find your customer and verify their identity in real-time
  • Returns a confidence indicator showing the degree of match and level of identity verification  on the New Zealand bureau
  • A cost-effective, real-time verification solution that can help speed up your application processes
  • Operation costs can be reduced by integrating Identity Plus into onboarding processes.