Knowledge is everything when managing your existing customers. While a credit check is an important step in the initial lending process, it’s the changes during that customer’s credit lifecycle that enable you to make ongoing credit decisions.

Alerts provide you with the most recent and relevant credit information about your customers. Sent to you daily, Alerts are automatic email notifications that are triggered within 24 hours of any update being recorded on our credit bureau.  

Types of Alerts

  • Address changes: Notifies of an updated address against that currently recorded on an individual’s credit file.
  • Adverse information: Notifies when new adverse information (such as payment defaults of judgement) is recorded for an individual.
  • Directorships: Notifies of a change of company directorship held by an individual.
  • * Overdue payment status: Notifies when a missed payment for a given time period is recorded for an individual.
  • * Never paid: Notifies when an individual has never paid an account and is now in arrears with another credit provider.
  • * Change in account status: Notifies when a change in account status is recorded for an individual, for example from active to hardship.

* CCR participants only.

Benefits to your business

  • Minimise risk and exposure through proactive monitoring of your customers
  • Locate your customers when their address details have changed
  • Respond quickly if your customers have defaulted on payments with other credit providers
  • Be informed of company office directorship changes