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Equifax offers New Zealand's most comprehensive decisioning solution for credit providers. Take control of your decisioning processes with Equifax, the largest custodian of credit bureau information.

Market Overview

As more and more New Zealanders apply for credit, it's crucial to implement a fast, flexible and controlled approach to accepting, referring or declining applications.

At Equifax we have powerful, yet user-friendly solutions designed to help you automate your credit decision-making processes so you can achieve swift, consistent, accurate and risk-based outcomes.

Our tailored solutions have been proven to reduce fraud loss and bad debt expenses, while increasing credit approval rates without additional credit risk.

Together with Equifax, you can develop automated decision-making strategies and easily manage data sources to assist your business in avoiding decision inconsistencies, while achieving greater efficiency.


DataLink Manager

DataLink Manager is one of the components of our flagship Decisioning Solution DecisionPoint 3, and allows you to manage your decisioning data sources using one platform.

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DecisionPoint3 is Equifax’s 3rd generation decisioning system, designed to help automate your decisioning process to enable fast and accurate decisions.

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Key Benefits

Our decisioning solutions can help you...

  • Improve customer experience

    Streamline products and tailor approaches to better meet customer expectations.

  • Grow your lending book

    Find new, low risk customers and increase exposure to those not showing signs of financial stress.

  • Reduce bad debt

    Identify high risk applicants and receive early warning if existing customers experience financial stress.

  • Increase productivity and lower costs

    Automate more, reduce processing times, and allocate manual resources efficiently.

  • Meet responsible lending obligations

    Better understand your customers’ existing commitments and ability to service debt.

  • Transition to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)

    Make your transition less risky with Equifax experts and products that shorten your CCR project.

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