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Equifax offers a comprehensive range of screening and background checks of your potential and current employees, designed to meet your business and compliance needs.

Our fast and confidential services and expert assistance help in selecting and keeping the right people, and complying with company and industry regulations.

Our goal is to look after your interests, help protect you from fraud and ensure your reputation.

Call us on 0800 698 332 or email us today to see how see how our HR Solutions can help your business.


Key Benefits

  • Know who you’re dealing with

    Get high-level assurance of the credentials and trustworthiness of the individuals with whom you are planning to employ.

  • Get it done faster

    Order quick, easy and secure online checks using leading-edge technology.

  • Better risk management

    Protect against fraud, reputational damage and unforeseen costs with better insights, quicker.

  • Trusted support

    Our experienced employee screening specialists work to understand your business and customise our solutions for your needs.

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