Foresight into your customers’ future credit behaviour can assist in making ongoing credit decisions. This information can enable you to identify the best customers for future limit increases or additional offers, or those more likely to incur a payment default and therefore require closer monitoring.

Portfolio Review Score (PRS) summarises data on a customer's credit file into a single number, enabling you to instantly identify your least and most risky customers at a given point in time. PRS uses bureau data to predict the likelihood of a payment default being recorded on the individual’s credit file within the next 12 months.

PRS complements an internal behavioural score as it appends an external view of credit risk to provide a more balanced and complete view of each customer, including how each customer’s credit profile improves or deteriorates over time.

Products we recommend using in conjunction with PRS are HealthCheck and Commercial Alerts. Combined, these products present a powerful solution for supporting ongoing credit risk management and responsible lending decisions.

Benefits to your business

  • Proactively manage credit risk exposure over time
  • Identify limit increase opportunities and limit decrease requirements
  • Reduce debt collection costs through tighter controls and proactive account management
  • Enable more effective capital adequacy estimates to be implemented