In a business world that is becoming more tightly inter-connected, partnerships and business deals can be significantly impacted by the performance of the organisations involved.  Whether you are procuring suppliers for a large contract or major infrastructure projects, reviewing grant applications or large scale credit accounts, there is one common thread; you need to assess the financial viability of the organisations you are considering doing business with.

Failing to do so could leave your business highly exposed to undue risks, which could be critical to the success of your specific project and/or organisation.

Navigating key business risks

Credit ratings and financial viability assessments are independent, forward-looking measures of an organisation’s ability to meet its commitments. It gives you an objective yardstick against which to evaluate counterparty risk and shape your business plans so you can move forward with confidence.

Not all risks are created equally; our solution is flexible and serves different situations and risk exposure levels. At the heart of our solution is a team of seasoned chartered accountants and financial analysts who apply a consistent and robust methodology that has been built up and refined over many years. You can think of our solution as a blend of advanced quantitative analytics and human expertise, to different levels of depth reflecting the desired level of scrutiny.

How does it work?

Reports are available on request through our secure online portal. The portal contains a standardised briefing template that enables quick and easy identification of the business you want evaluated.

Urgent reports can be ordered via our express delivery option. Otherwise, the standard delivery option takes between five and 10 working days.

We provide regular progress communications once a report request has been submitted and your report will be emailed once ready. Reports are also available online.

What are the benefits?

  • Protect the reputation of your brand by ensuring you only do business with trustworthy organisations
  • Reduce supply chain risks
  • Win and retain the right customers
  • Improve management control and effectiveness
  • Meet internal and external compliance and audit requirements
  • Support capital raising and/or borrowing requirements
  • Source of competitive advantage

How do I get underway?

Click here to register for our online service. Registration is simple and free. We will set you up with you own confidential login and password providing secure access and then you’re ready to go.

More information

For more information, download the Corporate Scorecard brochure.