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A MotoChek report can provide details on every registered motor vehicle in New Zealand, enabling you to investigate the background of the vehicle you are about to buy, trade or finance. MotoChek data is sourced in real time from the NZ Transport Agency.

Auto Plus tells you everything you need to know about a vehicle in one comprehensive report. We combine valuable data sourced from the NZ Transport Agency, the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) and Motorweb (provider of vehicle pricing information), enabling you to determine whether the car you are about to buy, trade or finance is everything it is promised to be quickly and easily.

Let us help with your due diligence

With MotoChek and Auto Plus you will receive the following information on the spot:

  MotoChek Auto Plus

Full NZTA registered vehicle details



Current registered owner details*

yes yes

PPSR financial interest search


Detailed vehicle ratings information


Motorweb vehicle valuation


*Access to registered owner details is restricted by the Land Transport Act 1998; please contact us to discuss whether you can gain access.

MotoChek or Auto Plus reports can be ordered via our subscriber website.


The Licensee acts independently from (and not on behalf of) Waka Kotahi in regard to Driver Licence information. As a result, the Licensee (not Waka Kotahi) is responsible for the Licensee’s conduct and actions in regard to Driver Licence information.Information provided by Waka Kotahi to the Licensee does not confirm identity of the individual holding or using the Driver Licence, and merely confirms that a record of a current PDL exists at the time of the inquiry, and that any authenticated PDL card has been genuinely issued and is not recorded as cancelled, or lost, or stolen as at the date of enquiry. Waka Kotahi does not accept any liability, now or in the future, in respect of any reliance that the Licensee or any client of the Licensee places on the accuracy of the Driver Licence information – irrespective of the purpose the client uses that information for (including, but not limited to, establishing a client-customer relationship).