These days, businesses need to respond to market changes and adjust risk strategies with greater agility, which requires a fast and flexible approach to managing risk. 

DataLink Manager allows you to manage your decisioning data sources using one platform. This gives credit providers more control over credit policy workflows and decisioning, and reduces dependency on IT departments. 

DataLink Manager streamlines the data connectivity, data enrichment and strategy deployment across multiple business units within an organisation. This can result in faster, more informed decision-making and improved efficiency.

Benefits to your business

  • Service Catalogue: Used to incorporate new bureau products and data sources without the need to upgrade or deploy new software

  • Multi-bureaux support: DataLink Manager is designed to facilitate multi bureaux access as part of any business process requiring bureaux data

  • Report Caching: Avoid repurchasing data products using DataLink Manager’s caching capabilities. DataLink Manager allows you to define rules to check for cached records before making a decision on repurchasing data

  • Merging Data from multiple bureaux: Retrieve data from multiple bureaus and create a single comprehensive report.