Developers Guide

Before you start to program XML services using our product guides, we recommend you obtain a holistic understanding of the process. The business and technical project activities involved in implementing our XML services are detailed below.

Step 1: Gather Business Requirements

Examine what data requirements your business has and how they are accessed and used currently.

A gap analysis should also be conducted to find which data beyond current use is also needed.

Step 2: Conduct a scoping study on the technical effort required

The XML Access Application form must be completed and returned to us prior to any technical documentation or specifications being released to your technical staff.

Once the application is approved, access codes will be provided to access our technical documentation. From there, the technical scope of work will be determined.

Note that connectivity to XML can be via the internet or a private line (fees apply).

In addition to the technical costs (which will be quoted on a per-job basis), you will need to consider staff training, roll out process and business migration expenses. There are no Equifax access fees or software charges if you are using XML.

Step 3: Build your system and begin testing

We recommend that your technical staff start system prototyping as early as possible. The connectivity guide details how to conduct a basic PING request, which is the first step in programming XML services. Once connectivity has been proven, the task of understanding the request and response data and integrating the data into existing business systems will start.

We offer a complimentary test region of non-live data specially constructed to facilitate full service testing. Additionally we can create specific test cases for your acceptance program if required (fees apply).

Step 4: System Go live

Once system testing and acceptance is complete, the steps to move to production are minor.

Privacy Requirements

The data that is transmitted within the XML information channel is highly confidential and must be handled in accordance with NZ privacy laws and regulations and Equifax’s terms of use.

We suggest you review the information relating to your privacy requirements. This information provided is for your reference and consideration and should be considered as a starting point.