Business Reports empower your business by giving you access to insights at your fingertips.

You can use them in several ways, such as checking a company's credit score, verifying company credentials, contract reviews and supplier due diligence.

Benefits for you

  • Make better lending decisions
  • Simplifies searching for businesses
  • Flexibility - be as detailed or high level as you like
  • Provides real-time information to support your business
  • Greater confidence thanks to our analytics and predictive scores

Types of Business Reports

You can select from two scored credit reports:

  • Standard Business Report  - this profiles a business, its credit history and payment performance
  • Advanced Business Report - this has credit insights on the directors of a business plus all the information in the Standard Business Report. 

Accessing Business Reports 

  • You can use IQ Connect. If you’re not registered contact us to set up an account.
  • For automated access to Business Reports contact us

Need a little help?

If you have any questions about Business Reports contact us.


    What’s the difference between the Standard and Advanced Business Report?

    comparison of business credit reports

    comparison of business credit reports

    What are our information sources?

    We gather business data from a range of sources, including: 

    • Companies Office - registered business information and updates 
    • NZ Gazette and Mercantile Gazette - court judgments 
    • Personal Property Securities Register - registered security interests held over property 
    • Equifax Subscribers - trade payments, defaults and enquiries

    How recent is the information contained within the reports? 

    All reports are dynamically updated at point of enquiry using the latest available business data.

    What New Zealand-based businesses and organisations do we report on?

    • Private companies
    • Public companies
    • Charitable trusts
    • Incorporated societies
    • Credit unions
    • Friendly, building and industrial and provident societies
    • Contributory mortgage brokers
    • Overseas issuers 
    • Retirement villages 
    • Super schemes 
    • Unit trusts

    Do we report on sole traders, partnerships and trusts?

    Not currently. You can perform personal credit checks on an organisation’s owner(s).  However, consent from them is required to access their personal credit information.  

    Do the reports contain other risk measures? 

    Yes. The reports provide a range of probability measures such as the likelihoods of late payment, default and failure where applicable. These measures feed into the calculation of the credit score. 

    Is financial statement information available in the reports?

    In New Zealand, the disclosure of financial statement information isn’t compulsory and only a small pool of companies do this voluntarily. Therefore, business reports do not contain this information. We have a highly-specialised team of forensic accountants and analysts available for financial viability assessment purposes should you have a requirement in this area. For more information go to equifax.co.nz or contact your Equifax account manager.

    Can others see when I have made a credit enquiry on a business?

    Yes. All local business enquiries are recorded on the credit file of the business enquired upon and retained for a period of 5 years.