Automated credit decisions.

As more Kiwis apply for credit, it's becoming increasingly important to adopt a fast, flexible and controlled approach when deciding to accept, refer or decline a credit application.

DecisionPoint3 is Equifax’s 3rd generation decisioning system, designed to help automate your decisioning process to enable fast and accurate decisions. It allows your business to drive decisioning policies, strategies and rules through the framework of a strategy design studio (DecisionPoint3 Studio).

DecisionPoint 3 is made up of three modules: DataLink Manager, Decision Manager and Process Manager. You can choose to implement all three or select the individual components you need.

DecisionPoint 3 has a strategy design studio, which allows you to create, manage and roll-out decisioning strategies easily, with minimal involvement from your IT department.

This means:

  • Changes can be implemented more quickly
  • You can be more responsive to changing market conditions
  • New products can be implemented faster
  • Competitive advantages can be seized by being the first-to-market.

Benefits to your business

  • DecisionPoint3 is a powerful and user-friendly strategy design tool that lets you create and manage data strategies and decision paths.
  • You can define the data you need.
  • It has a streamlined deployment environment
  • You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. With object sharing and re-use, you can define once, share with others and use again
  • You can choose which information you share whether it's strategy paths, data objects and classes, rules, or actions. You can share this enterprise-wide, or at your discretion.