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Learn more about credit reports including what's in a credit file, and free credit reports.

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Credit File Suppression

If you think your identity may have been stolen or you have reasonable grounds to believe you have been a victim of fraud, you can request a suppression on your credit report.

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Found a mistake on your credit report that you need to correct? Find out how to fix your Equifax credit report.

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  • Where does the information on my credit file come from?

    We collect credit information directly from you as the consumer, from our customers such as banks, finance companies and other credit providers, or from public sources.

    Our customers may supply your name, addresses, date of birth, gender, employer, occupation and the type of credit account you applied for. Details may also be provided relating to your repayment history on existing credit accounts you hold with a credit provider.

    We also use information from public sources such as court records and newspapers, and other publicly available publications and databases.

  • How long is the information held on my credit file?

    Negative information (such as collection data, default data, summary instalment orders and judgement records) remains on your credit file for five years. Your previous enquiry information remains on your file for four years. Insolvency records, including records of No Asset Procedure and single bankruptcy, may be retained on your file for four years after discharge. Multiple insolvencies may be held indefinitely. Account repayment history may be held for up to 24 months.

  • How do I correct the information on my credit file?

    The credit provider or debt collection agency should be contacted directly if you believe there is something incorrect on your credit file.The full name of the credit provider and debt collector will be named on your credit file.

    Please email us if you are not satisfied with the response or outcomes. Your communication to us should include:

    • A request for us to investigate your issue for you.
    • The name(s) and contact details of the people that you have already spoken to as well as the dates of telephone calls and or meetings.
    • Any email correspondence you may have regarding the incorrect/invalid information.
    • A short explanation of the issue you have in relation to the detail within your credit file so that we can investigate the matter for you.
    • Attach all copies of payment receipts and any other relevant documentation that may assist us during our investigation process.

    If you believe that some information on your credit file has not been caused by your actions does not belong to you and may have been caused by relate to another individual committing fraud, then you need to;

    • Promptly report the matter to the police.
    • Promptly report the matter to the fraud department of each of the credit providers involved.

    Police and credit providers will conduct their own investigations and inform us of the results.

    If you complete this step, we will be able to remove any fraudulent activity from your credit report.

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