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Our products and services give you the insights to help manage risk, combat fraud, grow profitable customer relationships and comply with government regulations.

How Equifax can help

Equifax holds data on more than 3.4 million credit-active individuals and approximately 600,000 companies and businesses throughout New Zealand, providing customers with the ability to make more informed decisions.

From business credit checks to identity verification and acquiring new customers, we have your needs covered with our range of solutions and products.

    Popular Business & Enterprise Products


    Identity Onboard

    Identity Onboard is a web portal that verifies an individual’s identity via multiple, independent data sources.

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    product_logos_vedaScore Apply


    CCR expands the information that credit reporters can collect and in doing so, provides a more balanced view of an individual's credit history.

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    Equifax property solutions are powered by Valocity, a leading New Zealand property data analytics provider.

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    product_logos_Corporate Scorecard

    Corporate Scorecard

    Credit ratings and financial viability assessments are independent, forward-looking measures of an organisation’s ability to meet its commitments.

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