Introducing One Score

One Score is our next-generation credit score. It is the most predictive credit score we've ever developed.

Using machine learning, advanced analytics, and vast amounts of data, One Score provides you with deeper data and insight to help improve risk and approval rates.

Benefits of One Score

With One Score you can get better business outcomes across the customer credit lifecycle, from pre-screening and pre-qualification, to account management and early collections.

Our next-generation credit score will give you:

1. Greater confidence in giving Kiwis access to credit

One Score allows you to reduce default rates and increase approval rates without taking on more risk. Our analysis, for example, has revealed that by using One Score, lenders could improve approval rates for credit cards by 4.80%.

2. A better understanding of credit risk

One Score has been built using a huge data set, including 24 months of comprehensive credit reporting data, a full four years of enquiries and five years of defaults. This gives you the predictive power needed to improve conversion rates, reduce bad debt and improve customer experience.

3. An improved ability to make decisions on thin credit files

With One Score, it's possible to achieve a better risk separation among new borrowers and other applicants with limited credit records. Making credit available to these borrowers boosts financial inclusion without a big increase in non-performing loans.

4. Stability during good and bad times

One Score is not sensitive to the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle. When stress-tested under COVID-19, our next generation credit score remained stable and predictive.

5. An ability to explain why and how you've reached a decision

One Score uses a machine learning engine built by Equifax called 'NeuroDecisionTM Technology' to enable a common, standard appreciation for what drives credit risk. The insights provided are personalised to an individual consumer, allowing you to explain and justify why a decision was made.

6. The tools to make informed and fair decisions

The modelling methodology is free from any unintended model bias, and rigorous testing has shown that no identifiable groups are unfairly represented.

7. A means to increase financial inclusion

One Score dynamically updates as more credit-related information becomes available in credit files, both positive and negative. As consumers see how their credit behaviour influences the score outcome, they will be more incentivised to use credit responsibly.

How to switch to One Score?

Switching to One Score is simple. You can access it through our online tool, IQ Connect, or with XML.

Interested in One Score?

Talk to your Equifax Account Manager or contact us.


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