Kids vs Adults on Credit: How Kids are Learning Better, Faster, Stronger Than Us


Equifax's partnership with financial literacy platform Banqer means thousands of Kiwi kids are learning about credit in the classroom. It’s part of a drive to create more financially literate New Zealanders who are better prepared for the adult world than the generations before them. Through a virtual platform, students have the chance to learn about credit, credit scores and their impact on their ability to borrow, through a range of activities designed to mimic real life.

Since the rollout of the credit module in 2017, we’ve been blown away by how quickly young minds  learn and understand. In 2018 we interviewed a 12 year old Auckland school student, who through Banqer, had amassed 82 virtual properties with her perfect credit score of 1000. Since then, we’ve seen that knowledge grow as the credit module is rolled out to more Kiwis schools. 

It got us thinking…. what makes learning about financial literacy in the classroom so much more successful than learning about it as adults? What lessons can the adults learn? 


Banqer’s secrets to successful learning

Simple language

It might sound obvious but to have a more financially literate nation, we need to educate in a way that’s engaging and digestible. Often as adults, we worry about whether language is too simple for an audience, we engage in ‘corporate speak’ and we make assumptions about how much people know.  The Banqer teaching modules use language that’s accessible to all. It’s simple and relatable – and it’s based on an assumption that nobody has any prior knowledge.   

Anchoring concepts

When it comes to teaching kids about credit, where you start is important. According to Banqer 
Co-founder Kendall Flutey the anchor is the point from which more knowledge can be built. In introducing the concept of credit, for example, it needs to be something that sticks and illustrates credit in real life. In New Zealand, purchasing a property and applying for a mortgage is a great example of when you may need credit – and why.

Sharing stories

The Banqer credit module encourages kids to share stories. It doesn’t matter how old you are – our brains are hardwired to remember things that engage us. Our young people are much better at this than us – they’re more open to sharing and less inhibited, and more likely to share positive and negative stories. Whether it’s a loan that they didn’t repay on time or a story about how they built their property portfolio, there’s something to be learned from every story. 


Written into the DNA of Banqer is gamification. Essentially, this is about making a game of learning – drawing on our drive as humans to compete against others or ourselves.  With exciting and interactive content, Banqer’s credit module encourages kids to learn by outperforming themselves or their classmates. Whether it’s about who can get the highest credit score or how to create additional income streams, lessons are learned and absorbed along the way.  

So, if you’re now feeling like it’s time to dust off your finances, check your credit score and make sure your financial literacy is up to par, you can get started by visiting You’ll be able to request your credit score and credit file, and read through our guides on being credit savvy.


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