Introducing Broker Enquiry

At Equifax, we work with Mortgage Brokers and Advisers to help their customers gain access to credit so they can live the life they want.

Our Broker Enquiry product is a continuation of our long-standing support for financial intermediaries.


So, what does Broker Enquiry do?

This simple, easy to use tool is designed to help Brokers or Advisers prequalify loan applications by giving them an up-to-date view of their customers' credit histories.

Broker Enquiry provides comprehensive credit reporting and doesn't impact a customers credit file.


Why Broker Enquiry?

Here's why a Broker should choose this product:

  • Confidence: Have the most up to date and accurate picture of your customers' financial position (including comprehensive credit reporting).
  • Insight: See the same information a loan provider will see in their decision making process, including repayment information and account details.
  • Time and Money: Gain efficiencies by aligning your customer to a loan provider who is more likely to approve an application.
  • Better customer experiences: An enquiry will not impact a customers credit file while helping them get the best products and rates.

Interested? Act now


 Terms and Conditions of use:

  • Credit information must not be passed onto third parties (on application, the Credit Provider makes their own enquiry).
  • You must be a Full Subscriber - if you are not an Equifax subscriber, you can subscribe here.
  • Customers must agree to 'Additional Terms & Conditions'

Will this product impact my customer's credit score?

Not at all. Your customer's credit score will not be negatively affected by using the Broker Enquiry product.

What information does Equifax use in calculating a credit score?

Among the key factors used by Equifax to calculate credit scores are repayment history, credit enquiries, defaults, and time at an address.

Not included in a credit score are gender, nationality, marital status, occupation, salary, employment history, medical and academic records. 

What goes with this product?

Customers who use our Broker Enquiry product, often use our Affordability product.

With Equifax Affordability solutions, you'll find everything to provide a seamless loan application process for your customers, creating a great customer experience.

Find out how our Affordability solutions could help you.

Need a little help in understanding Broker Enquiry?

If you have any questions on Broker Enquiry, please call 0800 653 309.