3 ways to predict a company is in trouble

The failure of any company can have a ripple effect on its customers and supply chain. It’s a troubling prospect for small businesses to consider, but it rarely happens without warning. We share our insights so you too can look for the distress signs.

The dangers of dealing with one key customer

You’ve landed one hero client to keep you busy every day. It’s all you’ve ever wanted and now business is secure, right? Well, not quite… We explain the real-life results that can befall a business and explain the steps to take to become less exposed.

Just how credible is a credit report?

Small businesses have been given a powerful weapon in their decision-making arsenal: a collection of deep-dive data, previously available only to the corporate sector and lending institutions. It’s now accessible – packaged up as a credit report.

Get your invoices paid faster (without damaging your relationships)

Cash flow is king, especially in smaller businesses that have less financial tolerance for delay. You've worked hard and you want your money, so how do you keep your invoices in line without compromising your hard-earned relationships?