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Understanding your customers has never been easier

SwiftCheck reports make it easy to understand your customers' level of risk. Search for a business

Payment default history

A default registered against a business means they were unable to pay an outstanding invoice. This is often an early warning sign of financial distress. Do your homework on a business by buying a SwiftCheck credit report to ensure that they can pay you, on time.

Latest Companies Office information

SwiftCheck utilises the most up-to-date Companies Office information to provide you with a business' registered information. Make informed decisions about the identity of a business and be reassured they are a legitimate business, with a registered address and directors.

Recorded legal action

Find out if a customer has any recorded judgements against them that may affect their ability to pay. A SwiftCheck credit report contains all of the latest judgements on a business, so you can determine if dealing with them is risky or not.


Search for a business

Find your customers with Equifax's commercial database, allowing you to search across 650,000 businesses and buy a single credit report for $19.95