Finally! A way to help manage the cashflow of my business.

SwiftCheck provides you with all the tools to avoid bad customers and suppliers and get paid faster.

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Find your customers within the commercial database from Equifax, allowing you to search across 650,000 businesses
and buy a single credit report for $19.95


Why do I need a credit report?

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  1. Check your customers' credit worthiness

    Can the customer you are about to extend credit to pay? Find out your customer’s risk level and other information you need to know before doing business with them.

  2. Tips to help set payment terms

    Manage your cash flow by setting payment terms according to your customer’s level of risk. Handy tips on setting appropriate payment terms are included in each report.

  3. Complete insight on your customer’s business

    Is your customer’s trading history reliable? Do they have outstanding defaults? Have directors been disqualified? Find out your customer’s company structure, shareholders and more in a credit report.

  4. Avoid a non-payment headache

    Don’t let late payers make a huge dent to your business’s cash flow. Buying a credit report is the first step towards reducing the risk of customers not paying their invoices.

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What's included?

  • Equifax tips
  • New Zealand Companies Office data
  • Directors & shareholder information
  • Court actions
  • Payment defaults
  • Invoice payment history
  • Credit history


Search for a business

Find your customers with Equifax's commercial database, allowing you to search across 650,000 businesses and buy a single credit report for $19.95