Transitioning to the new Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)


As you may be aware the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) has a programme of work underway to upgrade the systems and technologies underpinning some of the registers that it maintains. With the new PPSR launching on 01 October 2018, we are preparing to transition the data connections we have in place with the PPSR following changes to the source register with MBIE.

Planned Outage Period

The switchover of our systems will coincide with the source PPSR register over the last weekend of September 2018 starting at 5pm on Friday 28th. During this time, you will not be able to search on the MBIE register or perform any other transactions. The same goes for our service, which relies on the availability of the source register.

We have been working closely with MBIE for some time now to manage the transition across to the new register and expect our service to be back up and running smoothly following the weekend outage.

Running Reports during the Outage

Typically, when you run a commercial credit report, we return any securities registered against the subject organisation and this is also the case for motor vehicle reports where registered securities are present. During the outage this information will not be returned in reports generated over the outage period.

Our commercial credit and motor vehicle reports should still be generated but without the PPSR information.  However, we are going to increase our monitoring activity over the outage period; we don’t expect any problems but we will be ready to resolve any service impacts within our control.

Where possible we would encourage you to plan your credit reporting and PPSR processing activities outside of this period to minimise disruption to your business and your clients.

New Capabilities

The new PPSR provides some additional features that we will be incorporating into our own offering. One of the next major deliveries is a refresh of our PPSR service into IQ Connect and a parallel upgrade of our managed PPSR service delivered through our EDX brand. 

In the meantime, we will get on with the job of completing a smooth transition to the new PPSR systems.