General Reasoning (Verbal, Numerical & Abstract)

These instruments assess a person’s ability to understand and make decisions on the basis of:

  1. Numerical information. Scores on this assessment provide an indication of how well someone will understand information presented in tables, figures and graphs.
  2. Complex written arguments and make accurate decisions on the basis of that information. Scores on this assessment provide an indication of how easily someone will understand relatively complex written material such as research information, reports and correspondence.
  3. Logical/Abstract Reasoning - ability to pick up on trends and patterns within data and to apply these patterns to solve a problem. This score provides an indication of how well someone will learn new information and integrate this with their existing knowledge. It can also provide an indication as to how well someone is able to work with strategic ideas and intangible concepts.

Turnaround time: instantaneous after completion of the assessment by the candidate

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General Reasoning (Verbal, Numerical & Abstract)

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