Criminal History Check (Ministry Of Justice)

The Ministry of Justice Criminal History Check provides a copy of the candidate’s criminal record. This record lists criminal and traffic convictions (includes Drink/Driving convictions) and sentencing from court appearances.  In New Zealand, the candidate is to complete and sign the relevant forms and provide a copy of photo ID, such as Driver Licence or Passport. The Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 will apply in most pre-employment screening cases. This legislation is designed to allow individuals with less serious convictions who have been conviction free for at least seven years and who meet all other relevant criteria to put their past behind them. It will enable eligible individuals to conceal convictions in most circumstances. There are some exceptions when individuals' convictions will continue to be disclosed.  

Turnaround Time:  5 – 8 working days  

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Criminal History Check (Ministry Of Justice)

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