Management Bundle

Low to mid-level managers with more responsibility need more investigation. These checks offer stronger assurance you’ve employed the right person.

What you get:

  • Police Check (national) - Criminal history in every state revealed.
  • International Police Check - Work with a company with a true global understanding of constantly changing overseas compliance to ensure your check can be used in Australia.
  • Entitlement to Work Check - Don’t get caught out with on-the-spot fines, with Directors held liable. Employ someone with the proper work rights.
  • Employment History Check - Verify the roles held by your candidate and their reasons for leaving.
  • Academic Qualification Check (worldwide) - Verify your candidate has achieved the academic success they say they have.
  • Online Reference Check - Save time and money by getting the trusted information, often in just 24 hours, you can use to grow your business.
  • Credit File Check - This is the most fundamental check for any employee managing money, revealing financial mismanagement in their history based on credit applications, defaults, debt arrangements and more.
  • Bankruptcy Check - Helpful for selecting employees to make low to medium risk decisions, by identifying candidates who are currently bankrupt, or have been in the past.
  • Professional Membership Check - Find out if memberships are valid or lapsed and even issue and expiry dates.

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Management Bundle

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