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Employment Verification by Equifax (formerly Verify) is a pioneering leader in pre-employment background checks, driven by powerful data technology, innovative analytics and a focus on candidate experience.
Our Australian and New Zealand divisions are trusted by government agencies and large and small businesses alike to deliver complete, compliant and correct pre-employment background checks worldwide.

And we make it quick and easy

In a massive leap forward for the industry, candidates can be ID verified, instantly. Our new candidate portal smashes the speed to start for candidates by offering mobile access and streamlining the process with its intuitive design.

With the industry’s most comprehensive range of background checks available, our trusted team of Equifax Employment Verification Specialists will set you up with a report package to meet all your compliance and business needs every time.

Our commitment: Achieve confidence with a 360 degree view of a candidate or employee across all your key areas of risk.

  • Focus on being the fastest in Australia and New Zealand to get you quality results with the best technology that uses secure mobile and easy-to-use online portals.
  • Market-leading analytics that reveal insights you never thought possible that help protect and grow your business with the right people.
  • Powerful global connections to government and private records to get the most complete picture possible.
  • A relentless and trustworthy investigations team, experts in your industry and efficient processes to ensure you get all you need quickly.
  • The toughest fraud prevention technology to achieve rigorous government and industry compliance.


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