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Want to understand your people’s history, current state and future capability? You are in the right place.

Right here you can be assured of picking the best candidates while meeting ALL your compliance and business needs.

We understand better than anyone how to deliver the most accurate and complete account of a person’s background so you can protect and grow your business.

And we make the experience quicker and easier. That’s because we’re: 

  • Backed by the pioneering global power of data and insights of Equifax, supported by local care and capability
  • Connected by market leading partnerships worldwide
  • Driven by mobile and user friendly, fraud prevention technology
  • Relentless in our follow up processes and trustworthy approach

Integrated with multiple ATS & HCM systems

For candidates looking to stand above the rest, save your next boss the trouble of researching your background. Take this independently certified Work Check Pack to all your interviews. Find out more.

Equifax Employment Verification

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Verify potential employees, vendors, partners – worldwide

Achieve confidence with a 360 degree view of a candidate or employee across all your key areas of risk

These national and worldwide searches help you pick the right candidate you can trust.
Protect yourself by revealing the truth in your candidates' work background, filling in the missing pieces with these thorough reports.
Find out if your candidate can be trusted with financial matters with the market’s most comprehensive bankruptcy and credit insights.
Be assured your candidate is fit for work with these professional and trusted assessments.
Boost business results by confirming if behavioural and personality disposition matches the job.

Featured Bundles

Wondering what types of checks you need? These packages make it even easier.

Featured Product:
Online Reference Checks

Today’s powerful and speedy answer to the time to hire challenge - powered by Xref

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Save time & money

Spend no time chasing referees for feedback. Obtain a reference in only a few minutes.
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Collect trusted data

Xref has solved the problem of reference fraud - collect meaningful reference feedback.
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Protect your business

Use our online reference checking service – be compliant, be safe from privacy and discriminatory breaches.

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