Equifax Landscape

A rich picture of New Zealand's changing population

Equifax have teamed up with Roy Morgan Research to create Landscape powered by Helix to provide a dynamic and comprehensive view of New Zealand consumers.

Psychographic and behavioural data is a better predictor of consumption than demographics alone with makes Landscape powered by Helix different to other geodemographic segmentation tools.

Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation that uses Roy Morgan’s tried and tested frameworks such a technology adoption, value segments, net wealth, financial sophistication, discretionary spending power to classify the New Zealand population into 51 Personas and seven Communities.

Landscape Powered by Helix builds upon Roy Morgan’s Helix segmentation with enhancements utilising Equifax’s verified household level data to create a more dynamic and granular segmentation solution for NZ. Using Landscape to profile and understand your customer base helps you to boost marketing return on investment by enabling you to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person in the Right Channel.

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With Landscape powered by Helix you will:

  • Receive dynamic updates every quarter

  • Gain access to Roy Morgan’s Helix website to view research intelligence and media consumption trends

  • Manage marketing and risk through identifying value segments and how to attract likeminded prospects

  • Focus media buying based on value prospect behaviour

  • Be able optimise your retail network based on local market insight

This is a game changer for our GIS analytics and the more we use Landscape, the better our clients’ targeted marketing gets. When you see returns three times plus compared to your test control groups, you know its working!

Want to know more?

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