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Equifax powers the financial future of individuals and organisations around the world.

Using the combined strength of unique trusted data, technology and innovative analytics, Equifax has grown from a consumer credit company into a leading provider of insights and knowledge that helps its customers make informed decisions.

The company organises, assimilates and analyses data on more than 1.4 million New Zealand consumers and 150,000 New Zealand businesses worldwide, and its database includes employee data contributed from more than 6,600 employers.

Underpinned by unique and dynamic data, we help you make more informed and profitable customer management decisions.

  • We draw on vast streams of data, encompassing around 1.4 million New Zealand consumers and 150,000 New Zealand businesses.
  • We transform, analyse and connect this data, providing predictions, insights and capabilities that maximise marketing efficiency and minimise wastage.
  • Our team of highly experienced statisticians and programmers are experts at the manipulation of data for high commercial return.
  • Combining your data with our Consumer Vault, we can help you uncover rapid and efficient ways to draw out value for your business.

Equifax sees things competitors can'tWhat makes us different?

Equifax solutions leverage comprehensive, unique and proprietary data assets.

Coupled with advanced matching techniques and an end-to-end suite of marketing products and services, you will be empowered to develop powerful, personalised, scalable solutions.

We see things others can't.

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