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Equifax has joined forces with a powerhouse of market leaders in the new frontier of smart data driven marketing.

Harness the power of data to target the right customers

These days, customers are becoming savvier and more demanding. We all know the possibilities that technology opens up and we expect more meaningful interactions with the companies we deal with, whether it is as a consumer or in business. The key to creating highly targeted, successful marketing campaigns is data, but utilising data to its full potential can be tricky and sometimes challenging. That’s where we come in. 

Equifax is leading the charge into a new frontier of data driven marketing and we are uniquely positioned to assist you on this journey. There are powerful insights within your data waiting to be unlocked using the right combination of complementary data sources, analytics and technology.

By combining the expansive data resources of Equifax with cutting edge segmentation and analytics of Data-driven Marketing and best of breed digital technology and analytics platforms from Datalicious, you will be exposed to a whole new world of marketing insight. You’ll be able to match online behaviours with offline segmentation and predictive insights to make smart decisions about who to speak to and how.


Data-driven Marketing

Combining your data plus Data-driven Marketing's resources, you will uncover rapid and efficient ways to draw out value for your business.

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Key Benefits

Equifax's marketing solutions can help you...

  • Acquire new customers

    In a cost effective manner.

  • Keep your existing customer base

    Understand and segment.

  • Grow revenue from your customer base

    Increase personalisation and share of wallet.

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Find out how Data-driven Marketing and Datalicious can boost your marketing effectiveness.

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